The film “Shadow and light”

This film made in 1990 received in 1991 one of the prizes awarded by the National Consultative Commission of Human Rights.

Shadow and light is a song with two voices.

  •  The children’s one through the medium of their watercolours and comics. 
  • The adults’ one through the medium of interviews.

The two types of expression are telling the same story on two different levels: the first one is intuitive and psychological, the second one is pragmatic and analytical. They both transmit a high resolution of vision on events and people.

It is the story of the Cambodian Refugee Camps in Thailand.The master piece of the film is the collection of children’s drawings. They are telling us about those hundreds of thousands of people fleeing together in 1979 towards the Thai border, the Khmer Rouge’s horrors, starvation and the Vietnamese occupation. Then there was the installation and the organization of the resistance camps along the Thailand/Cambodia border until there were bombings, fiercer than they had been in previous years, in 1985.

– Introduction:  Cambodia’s chronicle
– First part:   The origins of the Camps, a time of hope
– Second Part:   Hope turns to despair as disappointment follows
– Third Part:   A period of expectancy as dreams replace hope
– Fourth Part:    Travel to the end of the dream
– Conclusion: Farewell

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